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Aloevera Allure

An excellent natural skin cleanser

Aloevera Allure is a formulation of Aloe vera gel with skin whitening nutrition and anti-aging properties; a rich source of anti-oxidants, helps remove free radicals & gives skin whitening appearance. Aloevera Allure comes with all goodness of Aloe vera, has soothing, moisturising and skin purifying properties to replenish, nourish and revive the dry & dull skin.


Aloe in Aloevera Allure is known to increase the production of collagen in the body, which is the primary protein that keeps your skin supple, young and healthy. It helps calm irritation & redness, rehydrate & soften the skin.

Aloevera Allure works like a magic elixir for sensitive and acne prone skin; when used regularly, it also heals & lightens the stubborn acne / pimple marks to a large extent.

If you’ve been struggling with sunburns for a while, switch to Aloevera Allure, stat! Being rich in antioxidants, aloe vera helps heal sunburn quickly and effectively!

Aloe vera is known for its cooling / soothing properties and hence, Aloevera Allure works to heal any kind of external wound. It soothes the skin from burns and cuts or bruises.

Aloevera Allure is an excellent hair conditioner too, which makes your hair soft and healthy. It controls the fizziness of your hair, if used after shampoo.

• Adds luster and glow to the skin
• Provides relaxing and rejuvenating effect
• Prevents dark circles and blemishes
• Helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles
• Helps clearing dark spots, age marks and acne scars
• Helps remove dull complexion and gives skin whitening effect
• Protects the skin moisture barrier and is perfect for after suncare
• Works remarkably well and is suitable for every skin type
• Is natural and chemical free

Aloe barbadensis 90%, Vitamin E, Permitted Colour and Sugandhit dravya

• Apply externally to the dry, chapped & irritated skin or even the stretch marks
• It is suggested to apply it twice a day, post showering and before bed so that your skin can absorb all the necessary moisture
• Apply on the dry and dull hair, so as to condition your hair


The product undergoes stringent quality tests to ensure best quality in terms of efficacy and safety.


  1. Toni, Sydney

    Being 100% natural MBS products has worked wonders for my and my daughters skin. The scrubs are so gentle and exfoliating, love the feel of my own face. The Aloevera Allure is magical and I highly recommend this to all ages. Best anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory gel for everyone. Planning to pamper my friends and colleagues with gift packs. A gift for someone you love.

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